About Us


Our Studio & Spa

The RAZORS EDGE is a locally owned and operated hair studio & day spa that opened in 1991. We take great pride in our gifted stylists & estheticians and their passion for the beauty industry. It is their unique blend of artistic styles and skills that have won us numerous awards including "BEST HAIR STUDIO", "BEST DAY SPA" and "BEST VALUE"' in Prince George. We are excited to be a Bumble & bumble exclusive salon. Our stylists attend the Bumble University in New York City to receive valuable inspiration and training. We aim to bring what's happening in the 'big city' to the great white North!


We encourage everyone to enjoy the salon and benefit from the many years of experience available at Razors Edge. Our goal is to create looks that best fit each individual.  The salon consists of ten Styling Stations, a Barber Shop with two barber chairs, a large Makeup Station, a convenient Waxing Room and a Boutique.  We invite you to enjoy a complimentary beverage,  wifi and uplifting music.  Watch the artists perform!


  Our new spa facility offers a serene spa lounge where guests can enjoy a wellness tea or light snack during their spa visit.    Saunas are complimentary to all spa guests and really enhance the spa visit.  The spa treatment rooms offer showers, inviting feather duvet covered heated beds, and soothing spa music.  Guests can now reserve the couple's suite which features a private shower, fireplace and side by side massage beds. 

We have a unique pedicure room that we like to refer to as the Beach House.  The Beach House boasts six massaging pedicure chairs with glass jetted foot baths and four manicure stations, perfect for a manicure and pedicure party!    In the summer months, we can open the ocean covered garage door, and let the sunshine and breeze pour in.  It truly is a stress free environment.